Why work at the Wisconsin Lions Camp?

If you desire an experience that will broaden your nursing skills and warm your heart, then working at the Wisconsin Lions Camp is for you.  Adults who are blind or visually impaired attend during the first week of the summer program.  During the remainder of the summer, children attend who are blind or visually impaired, deaf or hard of hearing, diabetic, cognitively disabled and also have a host of secondary medical concerns.  Each week provides a new group of campers, many of whom require skilled nursing care in order to attend camp.  Since our Health Lodge does not have a physician on site, you will be challenged to utilize your nursing skills with standing orders to guide you; however medical consultation from a physician is available at all times.  In addition to your daily shift in the Health Lodge, you have full ability to utilize the beautiful camp property, complete with a private lake, boating facilities, hiking trails, and serene woodlands.  Wages, lodging, and meals are also provided.  And best of all, you get to work in shorts and a T-shirt in a casual and fun atmosphere!

How do I become a Nursing Assistant at Camp?

Any prior healthcare experience or schooling in a healthcare related field, especially nursing, and a passion to work with children will qualify you to work as a nursing assistant at the Wisconsin Lions Camp.  Completion of a nursing assistant course and passing of a certification exam is beneficial.  You will always work under the direction of a skilled and licensed nurse.  Current certification in adult and child CPR, AED, and first aid is required.

Tell me about the Graduate Nurse experience.

Graduate nurses at the Wisconsin Lions Camp must be a recent graduate of a state accredited school of nursing with a bachelor degree in nursing.  The summer experience will allow you to work until you pass the NCLEX exam, then assume full RN responsibilities after you have passed the exam.  Weekly continuing education and ongoing support will allow you to feel comfortable assuming your new RN role.  In addition to an incredible clinical pediatric experience where you will hone your assessment skills, you will also have the opportunity to do specific wellness education with the campers in a relaxed atmosphere.  Current certification in adult and child CPR and AED is required.

What skills and experience are we looking for in our RNs and LPNs?

•Current Wisconsin or multi-state nursing licensure required.
• Current certification in adult and child CPR, and AED is required.
• Desire to work with children and adults with special needs.
• 1 year of nursing experience or more is highly desirable (Pediatric experience in not necessary but preferred.)
• 1 year in an outpatient primary care facility, emergency room, or other setting requiring advanced nursing skills is highly desirable, but not necessary.
• Ability to work independently, following standing orders, with no physican on site.
• Excellent assessment skills for both adult and pediatric care.
• Ability to triage illnesses and injuries effectively.
• Ability to work with and supervise nursing assistants and graduate nurses living onsite.
• Basic computer knowledge and experience is very helpful.

What are your responsibilities while working at Camp?

• Registration of new campers on each arrival day which includes: data entry of medical history information, medications, and treatments into a state of the art computer system.
• Organization of all aspects of campers’ medical care.
• Basic head to toe physical assessment of each camper within 24 hours of arrival at camp.
• Treatment and assessment of camper and staff injuries and illnesses.
• Administration of camper medications.
• Implementation of various prescribed medical treatments.
• Health and wellness education for campers and staff.

Please contact Paula Lauer, Healthcare Supervisor at 715-677-4969 ext. 334 or via email at