2019 Summer Camp Themes

Each week of Camp has a different theme. We ask campers and staff to bring costumes and props to participate in the theme at the dance, the campfire and other special events during the week. Please bring camp appropriate costumes, decorations, enthusiasm and ideas that will help enhance the events.

Blind and Visually Impaired Adults:  Decadeseach day of the week will correspond to a different decade: Monday—20’s, Tuesday—50’s, Wednesday—60’s, Thursday—70’s, and Friday—80’s. Come prepared for a week of time traveling adventures as we celebrate the past!

Diabetes Sessions:  Gameshowsget ready for an entire week of gameshow mania, which would not be complete without the Camp’s Got Talent all camp talent show Tuesday night! The talent show is open to all campers who wish to participate. Don’t forget your costumes either, which can be anything from dressing as your favorite gameshow host, participants from your favorite gameshow, or as a part of the gameshow itself!

Intellectual Disabilities or Autism Sessions:  Camp Explorerscalling all explorers to Wisconsin Lions Camp for a fun filled week exploring places and programs yet to be discovered! Find inspiration from historic explorers (such as Amelia Earhart or Lewis and Clark), your favorite fictional explorers (such as Dora the Explorer or Indiana Jones), or create an explorer all your own!

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Sessions:  World of Watersummer is the perfect time to cool off with a super soaked week of excitement at Camp! Anything water related goes, from the water cycle to creatures found under the sea. The week will end with a splash at the Water Carnival, so make sure you pack your bathing suit!

Blind or Visually Impaired Session:  Flintstones vs Jetsonswhether you are a fan of the prehistoric past or the fantastical future, we will have it all this week! Are you a paleontologist ready to dig up dinosaur bones or a robot from the distant future?  The choice is yours!

Intellectual Disabilities or Autism Young Adult Session:  Only in Wisconsincelebrate the great state of Wisconsin by embracing that which we hold dear, such as dairy farms, cheese curds, the Packers, the Brewers, fish fry Fridays, Hodag, bratwursts, creampuffs, polka, and so much more!