2018 Summer Camp Themes

Each week of Camp has a different theme. We ask campers and staff to bring costumes and props to participate in the theme at the dance, the campfire and other special events during the week.

Please bring camp appropriate costumes, decorations, enthusiasm, and ideas that will help enhance the events during the week.  The themes are listed below along with some ideas for costumes and props.

Blind and Visually Impaired Adults – Cruise on the SS Lions Camp ­– start the summer right with the best cruise wear you have!

Diabetes Sessions – Outer Space – this includes aliens, star wars, star trek, constellations – anything found in outer space.

Intellectual Disabilities or Educational Autism Sessions –Carnival – be some of the items you’d find at a carnival – booths, popcorn, prizes – what can you come up with?

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Sessions – Pirates – walk the plank in your finest pirate gear

Blind or Visually Impaired Session – Holidays – Each day is a different holiday: Sunday-Christmas, Monday – St. Patrick’s Day, Tuesday – Easter, Wednesday – Halloween, Thursday – Thanksgiving and Friday –Valentine’s Day. Choose a specific holiday costume or create a unique one-of-a-kind Holiday outfit.

Intellectual Disabilities or Educational Autism Young Adult Session – Clue – the week will focus around solving a mystery on Camp so bring your best detective gear.