Covid 19

Covid 19 Information

2022 has proved challenging in managing Covid at Camp among campers and staff.  As of June 21, 2022, we had to close a week of camp in order to recover from staff shortages due to illness.
Moving forward, we will be requiring all campers to either bring a negative Covid test result to Camp or prepare to be tested at Camp.  Please note, if your camper tests positive at Camp on arrival day, they will not be allowed to attend Camp.
We recommend you plan to test your camper prior to their Camp session to speed up registration –  please note the following:
1. No home tests or antibody tests allowed.
2. The test must be done by a 3rd party – and documentation must be brought to Camp or emailed to Camp before arrival.
3. If a camper had a positive Covid test within 90 days prior to Camp, you must complete the self screening document and bring proof of the positive Covid test.
4. Tests should be done starting the Thursday prior to Sunday arrival (72 hours or less).

Measures we are currently taking:

We still  strongly encourage all eligible campers, staff, off season rental group members, camper family members – really anyone –to get vaccinated and boosted if eligible. We are not requiring it at this time, but with the numerous medical conditions we see in our campers, it makes sense to strongly recommend that this preventative step is taken.
We will still run arrival and departure the same way – with limited access to buildings, pre-registration phone calls, and a much shorter process. Our staff will be wearing masks at arrival and departure.
Campers who have possible Covid symptoms will be isolated and sent home.
We are testing staff on a regular basis. Due to less staff, if we have numerous staff out due to infection or exposure we may cancel campers from a session.  We are asking camper families to watch their emails and voicemails for updates.
We are performing enhanced cleaning procedures as it keeps our campers and staff healthier overall.
We have high quality air filters and will continue to air out buildings on cooler days when AC is not needed.
We are running in a cohort (unit) system to lessen mixing of camper groups.
Please contact our Healthcare Supervisor Paula Lauer at or 715-677-4969 ext. 334 or Camp Director Andrea Yenter at 715-677-4969 ext. 319 or at to discuss any concerns you may have regarding our COVID 19 procedures.


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