Covid 19

Covid 19 Information

While the COVID 19 pandemic continues to create new challenges in operating the Wisconsin Lions Camp safely, we have not made final decisions for what procedures we will follow in the 2022 summer season. We continue to monitor the situation in partnership with our local health department, our Medical Director and other organizations. Please understand that while each camper is focused on their specific session – we are focused on ensuring all 10 sessions happen successfully. If each week of campers can follow our procedures, we can successfully complete the summer of 2022, just like we did in 2021. If you feel these guidelines are not right for you or your camper, we encourage you to consider if not attending is the best decision.


Here’s what we have planned so far:
1. We strongly encourage all eligible campers, staff, off season rental group members, camper family members – really anyone – get vaccinated. We are not requiring it at this time, but with the numerous medical conditions we see in our campers, it makes sense to strongly recommend that this preventative step is taken.
2. We are planning to run our camp sessions at 2/3 capacity or accept up to 125 campers per week.  This number may be adjusted prior to summer and we reserve the right to change that number.
3. We will still have some sort of self-screening procedure in place as listed in the 2021 documents below. The process for 2022 will be sent to campers closer to camp time.
4. We will still run arrival and departure the same way – with limited access to buildings, pre-registration phone calls, and a much shorter process.
5. We will send home campers we suspect of having COVID – but at this time do not have testing plans in place for campers. That may change again, depending on current information.
6. We will continue testing staff on a regular basis.
7. We will continue enhanced cleaning procedures as it keeps our campers and staff healthier overall.
8. We continue to use high quality air filters and will continue to air out buildings on cooler days when AC is not needed.
9. We have not made final decisions on whether to run in a cohort (unit) system or do more mixing/mingling of campers.  Again, that will be decided much closer to camp time.
10. The health lodge will remain as a mask only area, and we’ll continue to improve our outside treatment areas to ensure we minimize any mask wearing a camper may need to do.
 We’re ready for a great summer – and are in full planning mode to bring new activities, refresh old favorites and make Camp that experience of a lifetime!
Please contact our Camp Director Andrea Yenter at 715-677-4969 ext. 319 or at to discuss any concerns you may have regarding our COVID 19 procedures.
Camper Letters and Self-Screening Documents


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