This program is open to Deaf or Hard of Hearing Adults who meet the following criteria. Because the program is free of charge, we reserve the right to accept or deny camper applications. The program will be restricted to 150 attendees per week at this time. 

  • Resident of the State of Wisconsin or attending a school/college in Wisconsin
  • Age 18 or older at camp time, with any of the following degree of hearing loss:
    • Deaf or profound hearing loss.
    • Mild to severe hearing loss (25 – 90 db loss) without amplification, in either or both ears.

Due to the nature of the adult resort program, all participants must be independent.  The Camp is not able to serve persons who require supervision or assistance in daily living skills or medications/management.  Counselor and Healthcare supervision is not provided.

The Camp Director reviews all applications to determine if we can ensure a successful camp experience for the camper.  Once that is determined, campers will receive a confirmation packet or a letter from the Camp Director denying the application.




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