This program is open to Youth with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism who meet the following criteria. Because the program is free of charge, we reserve the right to accept or deny camper applications. The program will be restricted to 150 attendees per week at this time.  

  • Age 10 – 17 at camp time, who meet the following requirements:
    • Placement in a program, academic setting or receiving services for Intellectual Disabilities or Autism, or socially functions as having an Intellectual Disability or Autism.
    • Functions socially and behaviorally with a ratio of one staff for six campers, with a total of 150 campers in Camp.
    • Independent in their self-care skills (toileting, dressing, bathing, eating). Campers who use wheelchairs must be able to handle all self-care needs and mobility needs including transfers.
  • Resident of the State of Wisconsin or attending school in Wisconsin.

The Camp Director reviews all applications to determine if we can ensure a successful camp experience for the camper.  Once that is determined, campers will receive a confirmation packet or a letter from the Camp Director denying the application.


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